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"Our common future"

We believe that we can do MORE AND BETTER and that is why we always invest in solutions that are capable of using natural resources carefully, conserving them and maintaining their balance.

We look for sustainable actions that help to preserve the future of the following generations as well as of the PLANET.

SAF - Sustainable Aviation Fuel

JTM Group – AFKL Cargo Partnership in SAF – Program

“Sustainable Aviation Fuel”

Cleaner fuel form comercial aviation by reducing impact in the environment

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SAF - Partnership

“We are proud to welcome JTM GROUP | Join The Moment Forwarding to our Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) programme.”

JTM is the first Portuguese forwarder to invest in our Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) programme, marking another important achievement!

JTM was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Oporto. The company quickly became an active and significant player in Portugal. JTM currently employs 140 people worldwide, with a strong presence in Spain and the USA. It offers a full range of logistics solutions for dedicated products, such as aerospace, pharmaceuticals and fashion.

Filipe Fernandes (Director Spain and Portugal – AFKLMP Cargo): “It is a great honour for AFKLMP to partner with the JTM Group, sharing our joint ambition for a more sustainable industry. Working together to build a better future.”

Joao Val (Co-founder JTM Group): “We share the same ecological concerns and find these initiatives very educational. Moreover, we are confident that more ecological measures will be taken and that all other carriers and forwarders will follow the same path.”

Alejandro Sueiro (AFKL SAF expert Spain & Portugal),
Amilcar Horta (AFKL Local Manager Portugal),
Jorge Carlos Magalhães (Co-founder JTM Group),
João Val (Co-founder JTM Group).

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