transport for live animals


It’s very common to travel, whether for personal situations, business or even competitions. Who has never needed transport of live animals?

For those who have pets or participate in competitions involving animals, the situation becomes more complicated.

In order to solve this problem, JTM Group is your ally to ensure safe transport and the best conditions for your pet. This is one of JTM’s many specialties.

Member of IPATA – International Pet and Animal Transportation Association and ATA – Animal Transportation Association, we provide professional animal transport services to and for the world.

Operationally, JTM Group provides complete support, through the issuance of licenses, as well as all the necessary documentation and/or protection.

Bringing together door-to-door authorized transport solutions, ensuring comfort for your animals and checking, cooperating with the competent bodies across the EU, is one of JTM’s missions.

During the entire process involved, as well as the transport, we meet the conditions in accordance with the IATA regulations – published in: “Animals Regulations Live”, since the transport of animals requires special handling.

We can ensure:

  • Highly qualified team;
  • Knowledge and preparation of the respective documentation;
  • Constant monitoring;
  • Rigor and safety in animal transport.

JTM specializes in transport of live animals and horses. Consult our team of qualified professionals and leave the transport of your animals in good hands.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always available for you and your 4-legged friends!

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