JTM Group provides a full range of transportation and logistics services related to the organization and execution of the international transportation of light industry products, such as accessories, textiles, also other products.

This market has been showing promising dynamics. There has been an increase in imports and exports in this specific market. This expanding sector requires the implementation of a logistics system that can handling increasing quantities of supply.

Our company’s experienced specialists arrange transport by all available and suitable means. Therefore, we always consider the specific needs of each customer and the characteristics of their particular cargo.

In the same way, we develop optimized delivery routes and calculate the costs of transporting goods for the light industry. Thanks to the trustworthy partnerships we have, we can apply a flexible pricing policy and always maintain our high service quality levels.

Types of products we can transport:

  • Clothes;
  • Accessories (bags, briefcases, gloves, scarves);
  • Socks;
  • Leather products;
  • Textiles (fabrics, fibers, etc.);
  • Underwear and linen;
  • Carpets.

Textiles and clothing are sensitive to high humidity. Thus, when exposed to high humidity, many of these tissues can be damaged and unsuitable. The vehicle or container in which the goods are transported has to be adequately equipped to ensure the optimum level of humidity for the specific cargo.

Requirements for the transport of this type of goods

The main requirement for the transport of light industry goods is that the cargo is always marked.

Thus, the marking helps to convey complete and accurate information about the cargo, that is, the title, producer name, structure, production date, warranty, among other aspects.

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