Pharmaceutical Distribution is the link in the whole medicine circuit, and certainly becomes a very important link in the industry. It guarantees access to medicines and health products to pharmacies and different health units. Being technologically advanced and a modern sector it guarantees access to medicines for all Portuguese people.

Therefore, it becomes a function of high responsibility in various areas and departments of this type of organisation. Firstly, pharmaceutical distribution assumes a role of great importance, starting with the technical management of the distribution warehouses of pharmaceutical products.

It is thus integrated into a modern sector, sustained by constant investment in human and financial capital. This ensures their daily and continuous distribution throughout the national territory. This function, therefore, requires technical knowledge, dedication, and the guarantee of providing an efficient and quality service.

Quality and Service Guarantee

JTM guarantees a complete pharmaceutical distribution service, and its mission is to defend… its common interests. Developing all the necessary diligences for its associates’ progress and, consequently, of the health sector. However, in this context, and acknowledging the relevant and constant challenges of the distribution sector, it is important to stress that the transport of medicines is carried out in accordance with these rules. The delivery of your medicines at the right temperature and at the right time is our priority.

GDP certification

GDP certification demonstrates that our organisation is committed to every aspect of our service and to being a vital partner in the healthcare supply chain. The transportation of goods for the pharmaceutical industry requires technical knowledge, dedication, and the guarantee of providing a quality service. Aware of these demands, JTM is accredited as a GDP (Good Distribution Practices) agent.

This qualification guarantees our customers that we handle and transport their medicines and hospital products in an appropriate manner and with adequate technical knowledge, always allied to operators who know this type of merchandise.

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