In the most recent conversation with the founders of the JTM group Jorge Carlos Magalhães (CEO) and João Val (Administrator), we asked relevant questions about the company. It was addressed not only the current state of JTM but also what is due to its success and growth.


When does JTM come up?

The JTM group project emerged nine years ago through a merger of not only people but also knowledge. In the conversation, both, that is, Jorge Carlos Costa Magalhães and João Val refer that JTM is the realizing of a dream.

What are the values of the company?

According to Jorge Carlos Magalhães, the values of the JTM group are based: “on the client, participation in teamwork, corporate responsibility, social, as well as, environmental”.

Where is the company located?

JTM’s headquarters are in Portugal and has offices in Porto and Lisbon. They also expanded their operations to Spain, notably in Madrid. Likewise, they have several office points and an operation at Zaragoza airport. Two and a half years ago they started the project in the United States of America, in two points of Florida, that is, Miami and Jacksonville.

JTM Certifications

During the conversation, Jorge Vale says that “(…) apart from all the legal certifications that the JTM group needs to have to carry out its activity, it spared no effort. Always promoting the best service and quality. Thus, over these 10 years, we have promoted another type of skills ranging from: authorized economic operator, quality ISO certification, belong to prestigious international organizations. But also, more specific certifications, such as the transport of medicines and the air transport of live animals.”

What factors mark JTM’s success and growth?

“It is important that, in the activity in which JTM is inserted, there is creativity and originality, financial soundness, but above all, an organization that focuses a lot on human capital because that is the additional value that JTM can give its customers. Also, it is important to highlight the development of software and IT that also has a great impact on the growth of the organization” – Jorge Carlos Costa Magalhães.

Where would you like the JTM group to be?

According to the company’s CEO, Jorge Carlos Costa Magalhães: “Heaven is the limit! In this way, our great goal is to grow more and more. In Portugal, we continue to expand whenever possible, in Spain, we would like to open more delegations, namely in Valencia and Barcelona. And in the United States of America, which is where we see the most growth potential, we intend to open a business in new places, every two or three years.”

How would you describe in two words the JTM group?

“Excellence and professionalism” – João Val.


JTM or Join the Moment is ready to continue to embrace new challenges, expand your business, and create new relationships with your customers.

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