“Inside the field we are all equal”, seven years after the establishment of Clube Atitude Traquinas Os Afonsinhos.

“School Prize” awarded the idea of joining futsal, school excellence and social inclusion, confirming the sustained bases of this project. This project was born in 2011 and currently holds 100 young players. Recently a training academy was created.
Marcos Antunes, technical coordinator and one of the school founders, was extremely happy with this award. “I cannot believe it yet. I cannot say that this is the top, as we will never stop trying to achieve more and more, but this is a great recognition and that shall praise immensely our county”, he affirmed to Jornal do Centro (Local newspaper).

The project is also sponsored by Town Hall of Resende and Mayor Garcez Trindade could not hide his satisfaction with the Quinas de Ouro award to the county. “This is the Portuguese Football Federation recognition for the work that has been being developed so that Os Afonsinhos might work as a pilot experience. It was a bet that now with this award has seen its role reinforced.”